Crumble bites sisters 

We are two sisters Deraya en Gerriña based in The Hague. We started baking cookies at the end of 2020. We fell in love with the results and started giving our friends a taste of what we made. We used the feedback to perfect our bites. Because of the last-minute lockdown in Holland a lot of people couldn't buy any presents for Christmas we, therefore, created our first Crumble holiday box and started selling almost up to 100 boxes. It was a huge success so we decided to keep going and expand our company.


The fact is, we live in a difficult time right now. So our goal is to put a smile on someone's face and have a long-lasting positive impact on that person using our products. Take a look around and don't hesitate to give us feedback.

Have a tasty day!

xx sisters Isabella

"...Our goal is to put a smile on someone's face..."